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Join the Joint HIE

While the federal electronic health record (EHR) is the federal source for your patient’s health history, the joint health information exchange (HIE) links federal EHR information with EHR information from participating provider organizations. Participating provider organizations include single-physician offices to multi-hospital systems outside of the federal health care systems (for example, the Department of Defense [DOD]; Department of Veterans Affairs [VA]; Department of Homeland Security's U.S. Coast Guard [USCG] and Department of Commerce's National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration [NOAA]) that participate in the joint HIE.

The joint HIE is a secure gateway used to connect to participating provider organizations across the United States who agree to share clinical information with DOD, VA, USCG and NOAA. The joint HIE enhanced the ability of DOD, VA, USCG and NOAA providers to access patient electronic health information quickly and securely from participating provider organizations and vice versa. Participating provider organizations now have a single point of entry to request and access DOD, VA, USCG and NOAA patient information to support the continuity of care for Service members, Veterans and other beneficiaries. Through the joint HIE, providers can access patient’s prescriptions, allergies, illnesses, lab and radiology results, immunizations, past medical procedures and medical notes.

With the joint HIE, you have a more complete view of your patient's medical history, allowing you to make the most informed medical decisions. This data sharing helps drive enhanced health care.

DOD, VA, USCG or NOAA Providers

If you are a DOD, VA, USCG or NOAA provider, you can access the joint HIE data through the Joint Longitudinal Viewer’s (JLV) community health widget. JLV is available to providers through existing electronic health systems as well as through the new single, common federal EHR. DOD users can also access the viewer online. Users of the federal EHR can also access participating provider organization information via the Outside Records tool in the EHR. 

Provider Organizations

Provider organizations can learn more about how to join the joint HIE on the website.